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Beauty of Antique Diamonds

The Beauty of Antique Diamonds

Perhaps it is because antique diamond cutting style was approached in such a way that the proportions of the stone were worked out according to light falling directly down on to the stone thru the crown( the upper most facet/top) of the diamond. The light then entering the top of the diamond would hit the culet (bottom most facet) and pop up out of the stone in a shower of rainbow colors...much like the prismatic chandelier crystals that were so popular back in the 1800's -1900's. These old cut diamonds often look their best by candle light, they have then the soft romantic glow for which they are known.

Many of these old diamonds were handed down in families for generations and were often re-set by the new bride. Some of the diamonds we see now may well have had many owners and set in many ways... some times an antique diamond may have been a part of some "Important" Necklace or Tiara. you can bet that the antique cut diamonds you see may well have been someone's cherished wedding ring and it has witnessed so much life!

Can you imagine the stories they might tell?...we most often never know but that is part of their charm, beauty & mystery.

Old European

Old European Diamond

The old European diamond has a very small table, a heavy crown, and great overall depth. This diamond cut was the fore-runner of the modern brilliant cut. Like the modern round brilliant, the old European diamond has a circular girdle. European diamonds have an unforgettable sparkle.

Old Mine

Old Mine Diamond

Old mine cut diamonds date back to the 1830's and were common up until the turn of the century. They are the earliest form of the modern brilliant cut. Old mine diamonds were faceted by hand in an almost round shape with a high crown, small table and open culet. Old mine diamonds were cut for candlelight which makes them sparkle in even dim light.

Antique Cushion

Old European Diamond

The cushion cut diamond was one of the most popular cuts of diamonds ever. For more than 70 years from 1830 to the turn of the century this was how diamonds were cut. Sometimes referred to as a "pillow cut", the cushion cut has an open culet (the bottom of the diamond) and a rectangular to square shape with rounded corners. The beauty of a cushion cut is the depth of the diamond. The facets allow the eye to travel into the diamond. It is a calmer more soothing cut than a modern cut.

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